Customer Reviews for Viking Billing
and Viking Client Services

At Viking Billing, we’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of customers through the years. 

Solving problems. Answering questions. Restoring debts. Clearing names. 

The customers we interact with are often in difficult situations. Sometimes they’ve caused damage to a rental car; sometimes they haven’t. What they need is an advocate who will work on their behalf.

Integrity and Customer Service from Viking Billing 

The truth is that over 99% of people who receive a letter from Viking Billing say that they’re more than satisfied with the way they’re treated. Our hard work on behalf of our customers is consistently mentioned when we're reviewed. So is our customer service, our integrity, and our ability to solve problems alongside customers.

Viking Billing Always Strives to Get Good Reviews

At Viking, we understand that there are a lot of review sites on the web. Some of them…many of them…don’t tell the whole story. They tarnish the reputation of our great employees by focusing on one person’s bad experience or perspective.

Real Customer Reviews of Viking Billing and Viking Client Services

Over time, we’ve compiled thousands of reviews from customers over voicemail. These reviews tell a story of a company that’s been around for 50 years; that’s staying committed to people and committed to good in each interaction. Some of these reviews have been transcribed here.

Viking Billing agents are kind, efficient

My agent was amazing, she was very kind, efficient. It was a quality call, she represents Viking very well. thank you very much.

— TM

Viking Client Services agents are pleasant and patient

The person who called me from Viking Billing was very pleasant, very patient and a pleasure to talk with. Thank you.

— KS

Viking Billing Services has been very helpful and patient

My agent has been a delight to speak with, very helpful and kind and very patient with me so I appreciate it. Thank you for your great service.

— EP

Viking agent does a great job

Tell your agent at Viking Billing, Katie, that she's doing a great job and we will get her the information she needs to get this claim closed out. We appreciate your service.

— CS

Viking Billing Services treats people fairly

I've always found myself fairly treated by Viking Billing. I've never had any problems whatsoever. Thank you, bye.

— DF

Viking Billing Services is professional and informative

I just wanted to let you know the person I spoke to was professional and informative and I appreciate it. Thank you.

— AF

Billing representatives from Viking Client Services are helpful and go out of their way for clients

The Viking Billing representative I spoke to was very helpful. She went out of her way to provide all the information I needed to take care of this issue. I appreciate her service so much.

— CS

Viking Billing Service Representatives are professional and friendly

I would like to note that my Viking Billing agent has been very professional and friendly and I have appreciated his advice. Thank you.

— JC

Viking Billing Services - Great Customer Service

I would just like to say that I have been working with Zachary and he has been super helpful, very patient with me, and I just appreciate all of his help and great customer service, thank you.

— KM

Viking Billing Services agents are clear, precise, professional, and pleasant

My Viking Billing representative, Michelle, was very clear, very precise, very professional and very pleasant to work with. She did an excellent job and has great customer service, thank you.

— RH

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