Is Viking Client Services a Debt Collector?

The term “debt collector” conjures up negative feelings for just about everybody. When they hear it, they think of harassing phone calls at work or during dinner. They imagine dishonest tactics and shady business practices. Maybe it’s even assumed that the people on the other end of the line are pocketing any money they collect.

But for many companies in the debt recovery business, they work extremely hard—and very honestly—against that stereotype of the debt recovery industry.

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Payment Processing from Viking Client Services

For 50 years, Viking Client Services has been committed to people and committed to good. We’ve been working with business owners and companies of all sizes, helping them process payments and recover losses. We’ve stayed committed at each step to restoration, helping to move people toward financial resolution while bringing companies fair financial restitution. We’ve remained steady in our commitment to industry leadership, being innovative in our approach to business and even inviting our people to contribute to the conversation of what can help us succeed. And we’ve staying committed to trust, bringing the high standards for compliance within our industry in sync with the agility it takes to do business well on behalf of our clients. This means that we do great work in a tough industry, and it means that customers can trust us to get the job done.

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50 Years of Restoration, Leadership, and Trust

Viking Client Services has been around for 50 years.

50 years of serving our clients. 50 years of working with people to solve problems. 50 years of integrity, hard work, and leadership.

A company doesn’t stay in business for 50 years without a commitment to good work. While we’ve dealt with our share of bad publicity, with misstatements and misunderstandings about what we do and who we are, we’ve not been deterred in our efforts. We do good, honest work in a tough industry, and we remain committed to people and committed to good at each turn.

In the 50 years since we opened our doors, we’ve learned some things. We’ve also stayed true to some core principles and values.

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3 Tips for When You’ve Been Sent to Collections

When You Get a Call from a Bill Collector...

If you’re like any other person, you don’t want to be sent to collections for an overdue bill…whether it was an unforeseen medical expense that you got behind on or an unexpected change in your circumstances that caused life to spiral out of control a bit, getting behind on your bills can be a frustrating time. It can leave you feeling powerless and even fearful.

We understand that. We have worked in the debt recovery and debt collection business for a half a century. Most of the work we’ve done in the industry has been truly rewarding. We’ve helped people clear their names, restore their debts, improve their credit scores, and move on with their lives. In that time, and through those interactions, we’ve learned a handful of things about what to do when you’ve been sent to collections.

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How to Choose a Credit Card Processor for Your Company

When choosing a credit card processor, options are everywhere. It comes down to making the right decisions for your company…and for your bottom line. 

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Committed to Restoration

Viking Client Services - Restoration and Service

At Viking Client Services, we have different divisions to our company that work with clients and customers in a variety of ways. In each one of those interactions and in each expression of our company, we are committed to restoration. We are committed to making sure that people feel valued and that their issues are resolved. We are committed to helping companies succeed by managing some of the more complicated pieces of customer service.

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Did Viking Billing Service send you a letter?

Did you get a letter from Viking Billing Service?

If you received a phone call or a letter from Viking Billing Service, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean you’ve been sent to collections or that there is a bounty on your head. It means that there is an damage claim that needs to be resolved. As you seek to get this taken care of, there are some things to know and some questions to ask.

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How to Change Your Perspective on Work…and your relationship with your boss

Making Your Boss - And Your Workday - More Successful

Sometimes we need something drastic to wake us up from a mundane routine. Sometimes we just need something subtle. Consider these exercises to make your work day more enjoyable and your job more challenging.

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Committed to Good

What We Mean by Committed to Good

Whether it’s the interactive and professionally enriching culture that we’re building alongside our employees or the thoughtful, strategic approach we take with every customer interaction, Viking Client Services is committed to good.

Here's what we mean by that:

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Why Values Matter

Viking Client Services: Why Values Matter in an Industry Like Ours

For half a century, Viking Client Services has done good work in a tough industry. We lead our industry with a process that works, with people that care, and a culture that leads.

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What Matters More Than Results?

Some companies would say that, above all, they are committed to RESULTS. That’s not a bad goal. Results matter, and companies (or people) who don’t value results will (and should) eventually be fired. But there's a significant difference between understanding that results are essential and believing that results matter more than anything else.

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Committed to People

Viking Client Services: A Different Kind of Company

Some thoughts on working at a place like Viking...

How many times have you heard a company say, “We’re different” only to experience the same old thing? Their product isn’t all they promised. Their warranty is filled with disclaimers. They don’t let you talk to an actual human being when you need support. They have hidden costs or exorbitant fees.

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Committed to People. Committed to Good.

At Viking Client Services, We Do a Tough Job in a Tough Market.

Our work involves some of the most rigid standards in compliance with some of the most difficult dynamics of human relationship. It’s a unique blend of seemingly contradictory, and at the very least conflicting, ideas.

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Redefining Debt Collection

Debt Recovery - Doing Good Work in a Tough Industry

Imagine a world where getting a call from a debt collection company isn’t unpleasant. Where it's even uplifting. That’s a world that Viking Client Services is trying to build.

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