Making the Right Moves When You Rent a Car

If you’re flying somewhere for work or leisure and renting a car, there are some things to remember. It’s not all about rushing through the process so that you can get to your hotel or to the beach. Following the right steps when renting a car could be the difference between a good trip and a trip you can’t put behind you.


You’ll probably be asked if you’d like to purchase the rental agency’s supplemental insurance to protect the car. Before you decide one way or the other, find out from your personal insurance carrier or the credit card you’re using to pay for the car if collision coverage is included with your policy or terms. Often times, some form of coverage is included. If it is, you should be good to go!


Of course the most important part of the rental process is the thoroughness of your inspection of the car you’re renting. Moving too quickly through this process can lead you to a significant financial liability. We recommend people take photo and video notes of their inspection. Any damage to the body or interior of the car, any mechanical issues, and malfunctions should be reported to the rental agency. Upon return, do the same thorough inspection. You don’t want to be blamed by the rental agency when they take your rental car back and do their own thorough inspection.

Remember: Keep the photos and videos for a while. Damage can be reported to a renter long after the rental transaction is completed. If you keep your records, you’ll be able to document the integrity of the vehicle when you returned it if a damage claim is made.

Insurance and inspections are two of the biggest liabilities when it comes to renting a car. Knowing you’re protected from unnecessary additional costs will help your trip be as stress-free as possible — even long after the trip is over.

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