At Viking Client Services, we offer a variety of different financial services. From card payment processing and insurance subrogation to debt recovery and collection services and account management, our team is continuing the good, essential work we do. As the economy continues its back and forth shift, coming from its incredibly strong start to 2020 to the record-high unemployment numbers, Viking has worked hard to make sure our people and our customers are taken care of.


Debt Collection and Recovery

We understand that many people came upon incredibly difficult financial times as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Many lost their jobs, spent their savings, and lost any assurance that they’d financially recover from this difficult season. In all of that, Viking has continued to do the work we do.

Debt collection in this economy can be difficult, however.

How can we recover debt from people who have lost their jobs and don’t have the resources? The answer is simple. Debt recovery is about much more than simply collecting on debts. It’s ultimately about customer service. It’s about working with people to help them find solutions to problems. It’s about listening to people, coming to a place of understanding, and finding ways to give people pathways out of their difficult circumstances.

While the answers aren’t always clear in times like these, we are glad to say that Viking Client Services remains as committed as ever to the work that we do. We have seen our team step up their game in terms of customer service. We’ve seen people work together to help people find solutions to their problems, and we’ve seen people in a tough financial situation find a solution that worked for them.

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