At Viking Client Services, we know that there are conversations happening about debt and collection and recovery that aren’t speaking favorably of us. And a Google search using the words, “Viking Client Services Scam” will take you to a site that helps people determine if companies like ours are operating legally and using fair and ethical practices for doing our jobs. Other similar sites are doing the same thing, designed to help stop debt collection scams. The truth is that the vast majority of our work is looked upon favorably, and many people, even within the debt collection space, understand that we’re doing the job in front of us.


As we continue to do the work in front of us, there are fundamental values that we hold to in all of our work, whether it’s being understood and appreciated or misunderstood and resented. These principles are so close to our work and our methodologies that they almost don’t need to be mentioned.


True integrity is not something you have to talk about because it’s something you demonstrate. Day in and day out honest, hard work speaks for itself. As a company that values integrity, that means that we spend time, money, and effort investing in a workforce of people who can do the work in front of them with excellence. It means that we build and maintain an IT infrastructure that protects sensitive information, exposes and addresses vulnerabilities, and sets a trajectory for strategic growth.

Our integrity is woven into the fabric of every job posting, every phone call, and every leadership team meeting. It’s a part of who we are.


We’ve always known that we can’t succeed in this industry if we’re not thinking differently about the job in front of us. Innovation in our work isn't just about new technology. It’s also about creative ways to solve problems, to bridge communication gaps, and to connect with an able and passionate workforce. Innovation comes as an overflow of a mindset that says we’re never stagnant. We’re always either progressing forward or regressing back. We’re always either building momentum or losing ground.

Innovation is how we keep our people, our processes, and our products constantly performing in a way that our customers need them to. It’s not something we talk about, but something we demonstrate in each way that we lead our industry.


We want to hear from our customers. We even want to hear from people who have been on the end of a debt recovery phone call. Every time we receive feedback, we document it. It becomes part of our internal discussion and the framework that we use to assess our progress and opportunities.

Feedback is how we keep ourselves honest to our customers. It’s how we keep ourselves in check.

The words we don’t use in describing who we are and what we do are, in many ways, more fundamental to who we are than the more frequently used terms. It’s what we don’t talk about, but we we demonstrate and what we allow to be part of our culture, that is the better indication of what kind of company we are.

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