The toughest part of finding the right employees in an industry like ours is the battle we fight against assumptions. Since some of the work we do at Viking Client Services is in collections, people think that we’re training people to recover money at all costs, no matter how shady, dishonest, or annoying the tactics. 

But the opposite is true.


Our people aren't trained to simply collect. Our employees are trained to look at old problems with fresh eyes. They're trained to de-escalate difficult situations and empower people. They're trained to create opportunities where many people would see only roadblocks.

Problem Solving

Many of the methods and tactics we are using were discovered and created by our own employees. We’ve created an atmosphere where our people are contributing to the conversation of our company’s success. This means that problems that impact our industry are discussed. It means that

Empowering People

We want our relationships with our clients and customers to be measured not only by the money we collect, but also by the integrity with which we treat each conversation, each relationship. If we’re using dishonest, annoying, or deceitful tactics in business, we’re hurting our industry and mistreating people. And we refuse to do that. Our goal is to empower people with opportunities.

Creating Opportunities

Many of the leadership and managerial positions within Viking Client Services were hired from within. Those members of our workforce who are engaged with solving problems and producing results without devaluing people are given new opportunities for growth.

Nobody at Viking Client Services is without potential. Some of our people started here because they needed a job. Many of them stay here because they find a place to belong, contribute, and grow. Others come for a season, develop important life and professional skills, and then move forward into new opportunities.

Our industry is a good industry. Viking Client Services has been doing the good work we do with honesty, integrity, and creativity for more than a half a century. If you're ready for a new opportunity to learn new things, develop leadership skills, and contribute to a company doing good things, check out the opportunities we’re currently hiring for.

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