If you’re planning a trip and choosing to rent a car, there are some tips we’ve picked up over the years that can make a big difference for your vacation budget. So when you're booking your spring break for the family, consider some rental car tips and hacks that can save you some money. 

 Don’t Rent from the Airport

Convenience has a fee. The ease and convenience of renting a car directly from the airport almost always means that you'll end up paying more for the car. So before you travel, find area car rental locations that are not located at the airport. Aside from the higher prices at the airport, consider this: Rental car locations that are not located at the airport want to incentivize you to rent from their location. They are motivated to win your business.

Perhaps a short Uber ride from the airport to a nearby rental car location will save you money. Sometimes, these area locations will even send a car to pick you up if it means they get your business.

Go Directly to the Rental Car Company

This may seem illogical in a world where dozens of travel websites are claiming to immediately show you the most competitive available rates. Each of them are promising the lowest prices and the greatest deals, and it makes you wonder if one of them has a secret sauce that the others don’t know about.

But try contacting the local office of the rental car company you’re considering. That’s where a negotiation can happen. If you are armed with the the cheapest rate you could find on the big travel sites, you can sometimes find a company that will either give you a better rate or a better car for the rate you're paying.

Search for Online Coupon Codes and Discounts

Look beyond the discount travel sites to see if additional discounts can be found. Many times, a rental car company will offer various discounts and coupons. Sometimes these incentives will be based on a company you work for. Sometimes they’re part of a temporary promotion. What you find may save you a significant amount of money.

If it's time to travel, you can spend more of your money on what matters to you and less of it on a rental car if you follow some of these tips. And when you rent, remember to document the condition of your car, protect yourself from unnecessary liability, and hold onto your records. You can read more about that here.

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