Viking Client Services was started 50 years ago to meet a fundamental need in the marketplace. The work we started half a century ago supported businesses and empowered people. As a debt recovery company, we entered the marketplace with a different approach to debt collection, finding ways to partner with the people on the other side of the phone, helping them solve problems and reconcile debts without employing the tactics of many other companies in our industry. From day one, we’ve been committed to people and committed to good.

Viking Client Services is in a different place today. Our team has grown. We do more work across the country than ever before, leading a team of account representatives, client advocates, and problem solvers who are helping Viking continue to grow while they’re also helping businesses thrive and individuals succeed.

Our Services have also expanded.


Viking Payment Service - Payment Processing Services from Viking Client Services

Our Payment Services division equips businesses to conveniently process credit card and debit card payments as well as checks and ACH payments. This division of Viking is helping businesses better serve their customers while giving them the opportunity to better manage each financial transaction. We do not hold customers to long-term contracts, require no set up charges, and do not penalize for cancellation. It’s all about helping our customer expand their business as conveniently as possible.

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Viking Billing Service - On behalf of our clients - Taking care of their customers

For more than 25 years, Viking Billing Service has partnered with rental car and insurance companies, processing damage claims on their behalf. In each transaction, in each conversation, with each customer, we are committed to integrity and trust. The work we do on behalf of these companies is protecting their good name while taking care of the customers who are loyal to them.

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Viking Recovery Service - Proven Results Recovering Debt

Our original business was built on trust, leadership, and innovation. We are experts in our field who are committed to integrity in each transaction. Our dedicated team, equipped with the best training and resources in the industry, is committed to producing the most ideal results possible. We help recover credit card debts, car loans, consumer and installment loans, pre-legal and dormant judgments, and healthcare debt recovery.

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As Viking continues to grow, we also continue to adapt. We’re continuing to implement the latest technologies, the most advanced processes, and the most strategic tactics that will both produce results and value our customers. We also continue to stay committed to the things that we valued on the day we opened our doors.

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