The term “debt collector” conjures up negative feelings for just about everybody. When they hear it, they think of harassing phone calls at work or during dinner. They imagine dishonest tactics and shady business practices. Maybe it’s even assumed that the people on the other end of the line are pocketing any money they collect.

But for many companies in the debt recovery business, they work extremely hard—and very honestly—against that stereotype of the debt recovery industry.


At Viking Client Services, we’ve been in the debt collection and recovery business for half a century. But that doesn’t mean we’ve been breaking people’s thumbs and asking Nana to give us your last known address. It means that we’ve been working with reputable companies who are recovering money that’s due to them for goods, services, or damage.

Viking Billing Service: Doing Insurance Subrogation for Rental Car Companies

Subrogation is the term used to explain the rights of insurance companies to legally pursue compensation from a third party that caused an insurance loss. For Viking Billing Service, this means that we work with rental car companies, helping them reconcile damage claims against their vehicles. So if you’ve rented a car and it was determined by the rental car company (either immediately upon returning the car or within days or weeks after returning the vehicle, after a thorough inspection could be performed) that the vehicle was damaged while in your possession, your rental car company is going to exercise its rights to pursue compensation. We have long-term contracts with these companies to work with people on reconciling their accounts.

So if we’ve contacted you, we’re working on behalf of the company you rented your car from. We’ll work with you to settle your account as easily as possible with a plan that is fair and manageable.

What if you didn’t cause the damage?

While most damage claims are legitimate, we recognize that mistakes happen. Sometimes people claim that damage to a rental car wasn’t done while the car was in their possession, but they don’t have any physical evidence (photos, videos, signed documentation from the rental car company, etc.). This makes the charges more difficult to refute. If you maintain that you did not cause the damage that your rental car company has claimed (and you can prove it!), we will work with you toward a resolution. We have helped many people clear up misunderstandings.

We encourage renters to take pictures when they rent. At the beginning of your rental, you should thoroughly inspect the car before taking it off the lot. Document any damage in writing and with pictures or video. Upon returning the car, go through those same steps. The more you can document, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to help you out with fighting the claims.

An Important Reminder

Just because the company associate who helped you check your car back in didn’t notice any damage, that doesn’t mean that none will be found. Often times, inspectors find damage when a rental car is being prepped for the next rental. If damage is discovered at that time, the vehicles rental history will be accessed and you could still be considered liable.

We have a saying at Viking Client Services. We are committed to people and committed to good. For us, this means that we want the rental car companies to receive compensation, but that we also want their customers to be treated fairly. We want to do what’s right. Viking’s work in insurance subrogation makes it possible for rental car companies to keep doing the work they’re doing. The process of recovering debts requires some tough conversations. But we also know that we do good work and that we treat people well.

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