Committed to Good...even when collecting bad debts

People receive calls from debt collectors and creditors for any number of reasons. Sometimes, bad debt is a misunderstanding. We've seen it happen, and we've helped people clear their names when the debt wasn't their responsibility. Other times, debt is a result of a tough season in life. Bills pile up faster than money comes in, and people find themselves buried in financial responsibilities beyond their ability to pay back. Still other times, circumstances beyond anyone's control made a bad financial situation worse.

Each situation is different. Each debt has a story, and a person, attached to it. 

This is why Viking Client Services is committed to people and committed to good. Collecting debt isn't a "win at all costs" game for us. It's something we've done for 50 years, and we take it seriously. Many tactics in our industry have given debt collection and recovery companies like ours a bad name. But our tactics are different, and they work because they've been about helping people restore their names and recover what's lost. 

Debt and Dignity 

We understand that sometimes people fall on tough times and need someone who will work with them to make things right. Our clients deserve to receive the money they are owed, and the people who owe debts deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. For 50 years, Viking Clieng Services has been delivering on both. 

Proven Results in Collecting Debt and Respecting People

Viking Client Services receives positive reviews of our work and methodologies by more than 99% of the people we work with. Despite the occasional review that says, "Viking Client Services is a scam," or "Viking Client Services is harassing me, what can I do?" our people and our processes continue to produce great results without devaluing the people on the other side of the phone call. 

Our qualified staff is trained to work diligently and professionally with the most up-to-date technology and the most effective, tested processes. Our dedicated team, equipped with the best training and resources, is committed to producing the most ideal results possible.

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