Debt Recovery
Doing Good Work in a Tough Industry

Imagine a world where getting a call from a debt collection company isn’t unpleasant. Even uplifting. 

That’s a world that Viking Client Services is trying to build.

As a company that works within debt recovery, we’re no stranger to the stigma attached to  collections. People avoid our calls. Sometimes they lie about who they are or why they’re in a financial predicament. Our agents, who are trained to deal with difficult circumstances, are sometimes yelled at, hung up on, or treated pretty poorly. 

But that’s not the whole story. 

Our agents have also helped countless families clear their names and restore their finances. They’ve opened new worlds of possibilities with the work of reconciliation. They’ve given people fresh starts. Our collection and recovery agents are human beings working with other human beings. They help make their lives better by being empathetic and by being creative in the way they solve problems.

At Viking Client Services, we are building a team that is committed to this type of work.

Committed to Restoration

By committing to restoration, we’re saying that this isn’t just about getting money from people. Individuals who owe a debt should be treated with dignity and respect, and the companies who have extended credit, goods, or services to someone should expect to be compensated. 

Restoration is about rebuilding what’s been lost. 

Committed to Leadership

From our technology to our people and processes, we lead the industry. 

It’s why we’ve been the trusted name in this business for nearly half a century. We employ the best people and produce the best results by letting tradition steer us, but not hold us captive.

Committed to Trust

It’s not just about getting the job done. It’s about getting the job done right. This means integrity with the data we manage and the relationships we have. It means that people are treated with dignity and data is managed with care. Our customers can know they can trust us, and that puts their minds at ease as we get work done on their behalf. 

* * *

While we may not be able to completely undo the stigma attached to collections, we can do some damage to it. We can treat people the way we want to be treated. And we can be in the business of restoring people while we also restore debts. 

At Viking Client Services, we do a tough job in a tough market.

Our work involves some of the most rigid standards in compliance with some of the most difficult dynamics of human relationship. It’s a unique blend of seemingly contradictory, and at the very least conflicting, ideas.

So how do we reconcile this tension? How do we care so much about data security and results while managing relationships? By being Committed to Peopleand Committed to Good.

To People:

We are committed to the customers we serve and the employees we hire. We are committed to do what is right for our clients, customers, employees, and the community at large. We are, and always have been, in this business for the people we serve. 

To Good:

We are committed to restoration, leadership, and trust in everything we do. Without those values steering our work, we can't deliver on any of our promises. 


At Viking, we rebuild and restore. We help people rebuild their names, their finances, and their lives. We restore what’s been lost. Particularly in the area of collections, the work we do can be uniquely challenging. “Debt Collectors” have a reputation. Their phone calls are avoided. Their work is difficult. But at Viking Client Services, we believe that true success in debt recovery happens when results are delivered to our clients without devaluing the people who are paying off their debts. In that context, our job is one of restoration of debts within the context of dignity. 


Leadership in Innovation

We believe that new methods and new technology should be employed whenever possible to deliver the results that we've been known for since our beginning. There are times to stick with what's always worked. And there are times to open up the discussion about new, better ways to get a job done. We depend upon the creativity of our staff and support teams to find new, better, innovative ways to deliver the results that we value. 

Leadership in Results

Viking has a history of delivering results. Each of the services we offer to our customers produces something tangible for them: Increased revenue. Improved service offerings for their customers. Increased efficiency. Improved processes. The consistency of our work improves the performance of our clients. And when that happens, everyone wins.


Trust through Security

The information that our clients and customers share with us is sensitive. It requires the highest standards of compliance and security. They need to know that the financial and personal data that our systems and personnel are accessing will not be compromised. They need to know they can trust us. 

Trust through Consistency

We have established ourselves as a consistent advocate for our customers. As they seek to improve their performance, they trust us to work on their behalf. By collecting lost debts through our recovery services we are helping restoring what’s otherwise lost. With insurance subrogation, we’re managing the process and details of insurance claims and keeping insurance companies and their customers moving forward. With payment processing, we’re managing sensitive data while expanding a company’s service offerings. 


With each transaction at Viking, we’re delivering the results that our customers need us to deliver. It’s how we demonstrate that we’re committed to the people we serve.

With every relationship and every task, we’re working with with innovation and consistency. We’re doing it with the highest standards of security and the fundamental belief that people matter, and the way we treat them matters. It’s how we demonstrate that we’re committed to doing good.  


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