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Services Offered

Companies entering into third party portfolio management methods with Viking will experience an increase in profitability for today’s non performing debt and have the luxury of receiving revenue for accounts that may have been considered of little value or even deemed uncollectible.

By becoming a partner with Viking, creditors are provided with:

Experience in all stages of delinquency for:

  • Consumer bankcard collections
  • Installment loan collections
  • Automobile deficiency collections
  • Insurance subrogation collections
  • Pre-Legal collections
  • High balance collections

Knowledge of how to maximize liquidation with:

  • Executives bringing over 20 years of experience
  • Collection Managers averaging 17 yrs. of experience and over 10 yrs. with Viking
  • In excess of 150 collection representatives

Flexibility in all areas of our field including:

  • Ease of communication with Viking via vendor liaisons
  • In reporting capabilities
  • Strategies for collection
  • Two Locations: Eden Prairie, MN and Phoenix, AZ

Performance is superior by demonstrating:

  • Proven performance with major financial institutions
  • Top tier agency in primary credit card collections